Luxury Yacht Charter in Abu Dhabi

A luxury yacht charter is something that takes the breath away from your average backyard sailor.

How could you not be impressed at the thought of silently gliding through crystal clear waters while the sun beats down its warm rays on your back as…

Saudi Arabia is a Middle Eastern country in Asia that is flanked by Kuwait and Qatar to the east, Oman and Yemen to the south, Iraq to the northeast, Jordan to the northwest and the United Arab Emirates to the southeast.

Top 8 Places to Visit in Saudi Arabia

History of Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia consists mainly of deserts and undulating sands…

Yes It’s True.

The world’s largest natural flower garden “Dubai Miracle Garden” was hacked few days ago and it’s not recover yet. You can checkout the screenshot below.

What was the reason behind this?

There is always more than one reason when your website got hacked.

I’m listing some points…

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